Mountain Biking

Enjoy lift served mountain biking trails on Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek Resort, or enjoy a variety of trails in Eagle - the Vail Valley's mountain biking mecca. Many outfitters rent bikes throughout the Valley and offer Vail Pass tours during the summer months. Multi-use trails are designated for hiking, biking and horseback riding.

Green Trails - Requires basic mountain bike handling skills. Open and forested areas, smaller embedded rocks, loose rocks, and tree roots. Gentle grades ~6%
Blue Trails - Requires good mountian biking skills. May encounter bern turns, tight quarters, large rocks and roots. Moderate grades ~10%
Black Trails - Requires advanced mountain biking skills. May encounter large rock gardens and roots, steep ascents with grades ranging in excess of 10%

All mountain bikers must obey the National Off-Road Bicycle Assocation (NORBA) Code: 1. I will yield the right-of-way to other non-motorized trail users.
2. I will use caution when overtaking another and will make my presence known well in advance.
3. I will maintain control of my speed at all times.
4. I will stay on designated bike trails.
5. I will not disturb wildlife or livestock.
6. I will not litter.
7. I will respect public and private property.
8. I will always be self-sufficient.
9. I will not travel solo in remote areas
10. I will observe the practice of minimum impact bicycling.
11. I will always wear a helmet whenever I ride.

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